RIP Mr. Satoru Iwata

Mr. Satoru Iwata, CEO and previous software developer at Nintendo sadly passed away on July 11, 2015. We will all miss him greatly!

Mr. Iwata began his career at HAL laboratory in 1983 as a software developer. He was involved in the production of such games as Kirby, Earthbound and Balloon fight. He also assisted with the development of Pokemon Gold and Silver and Pokemon Snap. Working all the way up the ladder, he eventually became CEO of Nintendo of America in 2013.

Nintendo’s E3 2015 Schedule

Here is the official calendar of events for Nintendo at E3!

6/14 7:40am pt: Live Presentation of New Content for Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U

6/14 2:20am pt: Nintendo Treehouse Live Pre-Show

6/14 3:00am pt: Nintendo World Championships 2015

6/16 9:00am pt: Nintendo Digital Event (this is the one we all have been waiting for!)

6/16 after ^: Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3

6/17 9:55am pt: Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3

6/17 4:00pm pt: Nintendo Access — Play Mario Maker @ Best Buy in U.S. and Canada

6/18 9:55am pt: Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3

6/20 12:00pm pt: Nintendo Access — Play Mario Maker @ Best Buy in U.S. and Canada


Yooka-Laylee — Last Chance to Support!

Since I haven’t updated the site in quite a while, just in case you have been living under a rock, the Rareware developers of old are at it again, this time on their own — with a brand new platformer game, Yooka-Laylee! The game is being funded by kickstarter and there are only 10 days to go before the funding rounds end! They have raised over 2.7 million dollars so far so the game is definitely coming. Yooka-Laylee will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U!

By helping fund the game you can reserve your copy of the game early! Click here to view the Kickstarter page for the game

Here’s an epic wallpaper they just released too.


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